Eco Hotel La Residenza for the environment and the society


We have installed flow reducers on more than 95% of our washbasins, bidets and shower faucets. 90% of our toilets have a dual-flush option. There are eco-friendly stickers in each bathroom that call guests to a more responsible use of towels by putting away only those you wish to be changed. According to rules for of 3-star hotels, bed linen is changed at least 3 times a week. For an extended stay, please contribute to a more responsible use of bed linen by putting a special card on the bed in order to express your will to continue using the same bed linen. We water the garden in the early morning hours. We have 2 washing machines of energy class A and A++, that save water up to 35% in each washing cycle compared to other similar models on the market. Wastewater treatment is also applied.



We separate organic waste, cards, plastic, glass, aluminium

We separate bottle corks

Collect used batteries

We properly dispose of cooking oils and greases

We deliver electric and electronic equipment and devices (WEEE) to state centres for collection

Many of our suppliers use recycled and/or recycling packaging for food


In every room, there is an eco-tag with eco-advice translated into 5 languages

The iron for internal use is class A

We have 99% of energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs for the rooms and common areas, plus an automatic switching off system for the outdoor lights and garage lights

When the guests arrive, we tend to give them rooms on lower floors first, in order to avoid frequent use of elevators (both by guests and staff), which normally leads to significant energy consumption

We have two washing machines: one is of class A and another of class A++

The TVs are certified Energy Star

The grill is energy-efficient (up to 40% less consumption)

The windows are double-glazed, STOPSOL type, with thermal-break and acoustic-break features

You can choose to adjust the room temperature by regulating the radiators or by selecting the warm/cold air from the air conditioner

Magnetic key cards enable a total shutdown of the electricity system when you leave the room



The complimentary toiletries at your disposal have an Ecolabel certificate

We use eco-friendly linen: towels, sheets and tablecloths made of cotton certified with OeKo-Tex standard 100, which guarantees an absolute absence of allergens or carcinogenic dyes

We use vacuum cleaners with hypoallergenic filters that retain up to 90% of fine particles and purify the air. For cleaning and sanitizing common areas and facilities such as breakfast room and kitchen, we use a steam machine that operates at 100°C. For cleaning of surfaces such as glass, mirrors, etc., we use a special cloth with warm water, which requires no detergents

We have a limescale-eliminating device in place, improving the water flow through the plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems. As a result, the water is softer and tastes very good. It also eliminates bacteria

We use paper to dry hands and eco-friendly toilet paper with an Ecolabel certificate and/or FSC

We use ecological detergents that are 98% biodegradable within 24 hours, in order to protect both underground waters and our guests and staff. The air we breathe is healthier



Upon request, we organize transfer from and to main Airports in hybrid cars during trade fairs. We sell parking tickets as well

Bike rental

We also sell tickets for public Milanese transport; take a city tour, protect the environment and save money. It is stress-free and will spare you the trouble of searching for a parking space or getting stuck in heavy traffic

In Milan, you can use the BikeMi service to admire the sights of the city on two wheels. Phone the toll-free number 800.80.81.81 for more information. For cyclists, there is an area available that may be used as a servicing workshop for small repairs. A few meters away from the Eco-Hotel there is a bicycle path connecting the town to Parco Nord (the North Park), with over 10 km of pathways



Where possible, we prefer certified green suppliers with short supply chains, who offer environmentally sustainable products/services thus guaranteeing high quality with the lowest environmental impact



Our business cards, leaflets, flyers, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, fiscal receipts, restaurant menus are all made of recycled or FSC certified paper with vegetable-based inks

Every morning, we deliver a newsletter with actual Eco-News (e.g. events, fairs, shows, matches, eco-recipes, weather forecast)

This website is green and we value both environmental and social actions. We promote the local territory and its events

We also have a Facebook account where we publish information and activities related to the eco-hotel and the local

Our stationery is 100% of recycled paper

The ingredients of our products are indicated at our breakfast buffet and in the restaurant

We identify bio-products by putting tags on the breakfast buffet

On the menu you can find bio, biodynamic, gluten- free, vegan and vegetarian meals recognizable by their logos/distinctive signs.

In every room, there is an eco-tag with eco-advice translated into 5 languages

We inform all our staff about our environmental policy

We have a common library where you can find books and magazines on ecology, biology and social relations.



Abbiamo una libreria in condivisione, dove puoi trovare libri e riviste sul mondo dell’ecologia, sul biologico e sul sociale. Ospitiamo una collezione importante di foto storiche di Milano su com’era la metropoli meneghina dagli inizi del ’900 fino agli anni ’60.

We organize cooking courses with traditional local recipes from the Lombardy region.

A city map is our gift to you – the underground stations and main sights are listed, so you can explore the city either on foot or by public transport

We provide tourist information regarding eco-tours, walking-tours and excursions, so you may experience a slower-paced and different Milan than the standard city tours offer

We can recommend places for eco-shopping (e.g. a boutique with sustainable haute couture clothes, jewellery stores with recycled materials, etc.)

We have organic souvenirs that promote the traditional Italian gastronomic culture



We are proud of our first Feng Shui Ecological Room

We have two eco-apartments furnished according to the principles of bio-architecture (e.g. FSC certified parquet flooring, made in Italy) Il 95% dell’arredamento è made-in-Italy

The furniture in the entrance hall and the Biologic Bar is made of recycled cardboard and FSC wood

All the inner walls of the hotel are painted with natural eco-varnish and are photocatalytic (the air you breathe is healthier). The carpets are eco-friendly, composed of e.g. Mater-Bi and vegetable-based dyes

Our mattresses have a “Confidence in Textiles” certificate, and are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. They are also hypoallergenic, anti-mite and fireproof

We have an enclosed patio where you are invited to try our excellent eco-aperitif or simply relax, away from the noise and city traffic



At least 95% of foodstuffs used at our restaurant, breakfast buffet and bar come from a certified organic and biodynamic farming, 0 km and Fairtrade (certifying the absence of chemical pesticides and GMOs)

The Chef, where possible, selects local, fresh and seasonal products

At the restaurant you can also try our wellness, organic farming menus

We also offer menus for vegetarians

We offer menus for vegans

Our Food & Beverage Manager shall take care of those who have a food intolerance of any kind and recommend you dishes that suit your specific needs

For breakfast and other meals, we have products and dishes for coeliacs (gluten-free)

There is a separate area for preparation of gluten-free meals and the kitchenware and tools used for that purpose can be easily differentiated by all our staff

We organize evenings with typical local meals in order to promote local cuisine

Be welcome and enjoy a healthy eco-aperitif at our BiologicBar

80% of wines on our wine list are organic and/or biodynamic Italian wines

Our disposable napkins have a PEFC or FSC certificate, the brands that guarantee responsible management of forests, with respect to the economy and society

We use nickel-free bio-pans, pots and utensils

The products you have tried at our restaurant and/or breakfast buffet may be purchased at our internal Bio-Shop and taken away

For the organization of events, we provide indoor and outdoor bio-catering, where we use organic and/or Fairtrade products, the tableware made of Mater-Bi, PLA or palm leaves, and FSC napkins

In the restaurant we use glass bottles of 1L: we have ‘an empty for a full’ deal with our supplier, exchanging empty bottles for full ones, thus contributing to bottle recycling



The hotel is 100% accessible to people with disabilities, even without an assistant

We are pet-friendly

We are Family-friendly: there are multiple rooms, adjoining suites, equipment for families with twins (e.g. double strollers, child seats, cribs and cradles, child toilet seats)

We are Over 70-friendly: we guarantee a dedicated assistance and upon request we are willing to prepare special meals to suit all your requirements

We collect bottle stoppers for the green building projects benefiting the society, carried out by Onlus “Open Arms”

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