Love for the Planet

We are Daniela and Alessandro, passionate hoteliers who love travelling, nature and animals.

Daniela: I managed a restaurant on Ibiza in Spain and worked for and managed several hotels in Milan: my passion towards good food and hospitality were the main motives why I really wanted to have my own hotel with a restaurant – a bio-restaurant on top of that!

Alessandro: I worked for years as a travel agent and started following my father’s steps in tourism, as my father had spent over 40 years in the hotel business. I have visited many places in Italy and abroad, which enabled me to broaden my horizons and appreciate what we have in this beautiful country. Therefore, I sought out fresh and innovative ideas from the world to adjust them to our local circumstances.

My father and I built our first family b&b in 80s in Ciociaria. This place has remained an eco b&b until now.

In 2000, destiny brought us together and in 2002 we joined for life. We loved our work and worked together to convert the then old-people’s home into a 3-star hotel with 60 rooms and a restaurant. In 2010 the hotel became the Eco-Hotel La Residenza.

In 2008 our three beautiful daughters were born (yes, you’ve read it right): Arianna, Gaia and Valentina. An immense joy for the whole family and a tripled meaning of life for us parents. This has lead us to create a slogan from the ancient Indian maxim:

“We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors,we have borrowed it from our children”

Our daughters and us


Why Eco-Hotel La Residenza?

Because in 2004 we discovered that a single hotel produces more pollution than 4 residential buildings of the same size! Ever since then we have been asking questions and finding answers on how to pollute less!

After several cost/benefit analyses for acquiring a hotel eco-quality mark, we realised we wanted to do something ‘tailor-made’, that would really take into account all the different issues hotel owners come across: structural characteristics, management or ownership, eco-mark costs, difficulties with understanding the conditions and the required documentation, post-certification support services and marketing initiatives to promote the hotel.


Therefore, in 2007 we launched a completely revolutionary project that we are founders of: ‘EcoWorldHotel’, the first network of environmentally sustainable accommodation facilities with a gradual, innovative classification and certification system that consists of obtaining eco-leaves (from 1 to 5). Thanks to this system, our Group was awarded a Sustainable Development Prize in 2012 and the medal was handed to us by the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano.

For the first time, an eco-quality mark was created for accommodation facilities by hoteliers and for hoteliers. It is available to everyone – from b&b to a luxury hotel, where everyone can take a ‘tailor-made path’. Cost-saving is made possible thanks to the first Purchasing Group, specialised for ‘green’ hotel accessories. Obviously, thanks to promotion activities and green marketing activities, the eco-certified hotels have become recognisable.

In 2012 the EWH reached a number of 130 associated hotel facilities Italy-wide (plus one in Crete – Greece).

In 2010 Hotel La Residenza became Eco-Hotel La Residenza and was awarded a three-leaf quality mark.

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