Sustainable hotel with organic restaurant in Milan

Sustainable hotel with organic restaurant in Milan a few metro stops from the Duomo.

Looking for a place that will change your views on hotel and restaurant? You have found it. EcoHotel La Residenza – BioRiso organic Restaurant is located in Milan, 15 minutes away by metro from the Duomo.

Our sustainable hotel with organic restaurant in Milan is right next to Affori Centro Metro Station.

EcoHotel La Residenza thanks to its organic Restaurant BioRiso, serves organic, Italian dish and flexitarian ideas play the main role in our menu. The sustainable EcoHotel La Residenza runs BioRiso this organic restaurant. Expect surprising organic ingredients on your plate, sometimes even from byodinamic agriculture. BioRiso has an open bar, the BiologicBar, which invites you to have an organic drink while chatting with friends.

Sustainable hotel with organic restaurant in Milan and gluten free organic menu

Despite the incredible richness of Milan’s dining scene, those with an intolerance of gluten have traditionally had it tough. Luckily things are going better with restaurateurs widening gluten-free choice with new recipes and ingredients.

For someone gluten free dietary is a choice, for a percentage of population diagnosed as coeliacs, gluten is a health risk that’s absolutely to avoid. Very few hotels in Milan are fully certified by AIC Associazione Italiana Celiachia. BioRiso restaurant is the first restaurant offering ingredients gluten free and organic at the same time. Over 90% ingredients in our menù comes from organic and biodynamic agriculture. BioRiso serves 2 tasty organic Italian menu: one is organic and one is gluten free and organic. Both menu have over 40 recipes, with a flexitarian diet on minde we serve top-quality meat, pasta, riso, vegetables, vegetarian and vegan options.

A few metro stops fron the Duomo, here you will taste the best Organic Risotto alla Milanese. Risotto alla Milanese is our sustainable hotel with organic restaurant’ in Milan most popular recipe.

Organic Aperitivi are also on offer.

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