Organic Restaurant in Milan

Organic restaurant in Milan? Yes, I really wanted to have my own hotel with a restaurant – an organic restaurant on top of that! Daniela

We are Daniela and Alessandro, we are passionate hoteliers who love nature and therefore organic food.

The BioRiso Restaurant (inside EcoHotel La Residenza) is open for everyone, you don’t need to be hosted to enjoy our organic recipes.

Our organic restaurant in Milan is in Affori a few steps from the Affori Centro metro station.

Our chef works with the top-quality organic ingredients from our suppliers. Our menu changes every season due to seasonal availability.

Organic restaurant in Milan with an organic cafè

We are an organic restaurant in Milan with an environmentally friendly cafè where you can sip organic espresso sitting on a cardboard chair.

At our cafè BiologicBar we offer all the usual kinds of drinks you had expect to find in every cafè, but organic.

Our wines are organic or biodynamic and supplied by merchants who are really passionate about ecology. Our tea and cofee are all selected according to taste and many are certified organic.

BioRiso organic restaurant in Milan and biodynamic Risotto alla Milanese

BioRiso is a place to drink an organic cocktail, to eat organic italian recipes, to socialise. BioRiso organic restaurant in Milan is a perfect spot for both informal everyday occasions as well as more special celebrations too. The à la carte organic menù and the à la carte gluten free organic menu bring the best of seasonal Italian cuisine to your table.

Risotti are our very popular organic food with a choice of classic risotti (Risotto Milanese, Risotto Parmigiana) and a choice of seasonal risotti. With dishes such as our Potato small gnocchi with basil cream, Porcini mushrooms with yellow organic polenta and Tempura of tofu with spicy and sour sauce, the BioRiso Restaurant is also putting all diets in centre stage.

We also believe that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring so have curated a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails, vegetarian and gluten free recipes packed with seasonal and organic ingredients.

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