Organic Gluten Free Restaurant in Milan explains the damage of gluten, here you can find a gluten-free menu.

Organic Gluten Free Restaurant in Milan explains some gluten free options.
The hidden damage of gluten: our organic restaurant in Milan explains why gluten puts your health at risk.

Be honest – are you one of those super busy people, always in a hurry who doesn’t care what they eat? Excess gluten causes chronic inflammation, intolerance and serious autoimmune diseases, it is urgent to learn about the damage caused by gluten.

I know that it is not easy to get through the many daily tasks. You rush through work, children’s commitments, family stress, your career, the hours that traffic has stolen, and you devote less and less time to preparing meals, relying on ready-made foods that are quick to cook. During your lunch break, have your meal ready as quickly as possible.
You have to be careful: many ready meals and ingredients are rich in substances harmful to your health. Gluten is one of the main ingredients in every meal, from breakfast to dinner.

Organic Gluten Free Restaurant in Milan explains what gluten is.

Are you wondering what gluten is? Gluten is a protein that our body has difficulty metabolizing. It is naturally present in many common cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and farro (spelt). The problem arises from the constant and excessive use of gluten in industrial foods where it is used in large doses (from mixtures to ready-made sauces) to give creaminess, elasticity and consistency to the preparations.

Food intolerances and inflammations are increasing exponentially. This is the testimony that gluten is not only harmful for people with celiac disease.
Because of the excessive intake of gluten, the permeability of our intestines is modified and the immune system is sent to a standstill, no longer able to defend us from even more serious diseases.

You are primarily responsible for your own health. It is essential to be perfectly informed about ready food and to know how to distinguish between healthy and harmful foods.
More and more medical studies are dealing with and highlighting without half a word the damage that excess gluten causes to all of us, not just to those suffering from celiac disease.


It is your responsibility to eat healthily and reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases, irritation. All this is possible thanks to the choice of low gluten foods.
You can choose many delicious ingredients that have a low or no gluten content. You can easily replace the quick, gluten-rich preparations that often follow one another in our diet from morning croissants to evening bread with gluten-free convenience foods.
You don’t have to make huge efforts to prevent serious autoimmune diseases. Just a few food tips are enough. If you are not celiac, you do not have to eliminate the gluten completely, but you should reduce the intake.


Organic Gluten Free Restaurant in Milan will be your guide: Eat a healthy diet with less gluten.

Here are a few tips you can follow:

– favour organic foods (created with ingredients naturally less rich in gluten)
– alternates organic rice with pasta, the rice is naturally gluten-free
– for your favourite recipes, rice flour, corn flour, buckwheat flour naturally gluten-free, spelt flour with a lower gluten content
– Grant yourself some guaranteed gluten-free foods for celiacs
– Stop the inviting super offers of the common supermarkets: carefully avoid buying food in large quantities in the canonical supermarkets.

Most of the stock of snacks, breads, pies, especially those dedicated to your children are rich in gluten, as well as sugars and harmful syrups. An important choice that you have to make, even more so you are a parent, is to conduct – immediately – a healthy diet, favoring organic foods and ingredients naturally low in gluten.

When you’re in Milan, check out our gluten free organic menus.
One is completely gluten-free, designed for those who love a healthy diet and guaranteed for celiacs.


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