Inexpensive Food places near duomo where to eat good food? Explore our organic recipes.

Inexpensive Food places near Duomo. Enjoy recipes with over 90% of ingredients from organic and biodynamic farming.

Choosing where to enjoy real Italian cuisine can be tricky, especially if you are a visitor around Milan and want to eat high-quality cuisine without spending a lot of money. So here some ideas by checking out our menu.

We are on Milan’s yellow subway line, just a few stops from the Duomo of Milan. Only 15 minutes by subway from the Duomo to Affori Centro and join BioRiso Organic Restaurant.

What to eat in our Organic Restaurant near the Duomo on a budget not exceeding 30 euros.

The BioRiso Organic Restaurant is only 15 minutes by subway from the Duomo of Milan and offers certified organic cuisine. On its menu over 40 organic recipes embracing all food philosophies. Pasta, rice, quality meat dishes, side dishes, first courses and vegetarian main courses. BioRiso also offers a menu with over 40 gluten-free recipes.

An example of dinner within 30 euro at the Organic Restaurant BioRiso?

If you are a lover of Milanese cuisine we recommend the following combination:

Risotto alla “Milanese” with saffron in pistils from Biodynamic agriculture, veal cutlet alla Milanese with organic potatoes sautéed with rosemary and organic coffee.

Those who want to discover the typical Milanese dish, just 15 minutes from the Duomo of Milan, can enjoy the Biodynamic Risotto with saffron in pistils and veal bone meal.

For those who love vegetarian cuisine we suggest to combine the Almond and Curcuma Risotto with black pepper and the delicious Terrine with light grilled vegetable parmigiana.

Our restaurant also offers vegan options. On request you can enjoy the classic Milanese Veg risotto, other recipes or our vegan buerger (with tomato, salad, horseradish sauce and caramelized red onions).

We remind you that over 40 proposals of our organic restaurant can be requested in gluten free version.


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