Healthy restaurant in Milan and the Mediterranean diet

Healthy restaurant in Milan, it is one of the most recent keyswords of research on the internet. Do not miss the joy of eating in an Italian Restaurant without sacrificing a healthy diet.

Eating healthy and searching for healthy restaurants in Milan is not only a matter of losing weight. A healthy diet must be a must for everyone, even for those who do not have to worry about diet.

A healthy diet re-balances your state of health. Many illnesses can be avoided or at least mitigated by a healthy diet. Not to mention that many current illnesses derive precisely from junk food that – unfortunately – we eat daily.

We must learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods.
We must choose the path of healthy eating even when you go out to dinner. We could choose a restaurant where we would be able to indulge in a break from the rule, but tasting ingredients of the highest quality and ideally organic.

Healty restaurant in Milan and the choice of the Mediterranean diet!

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is recognized by UNESCO aas a cultural heritage of humanity?

It is one of the healthiest diets in the world, which is why the healthy restaurants in Milan and around the world have chosen to take it as the basis of the menu. We should get used to returning to the Mediterranean diet not only when choosing dietary restaurants, but also at home.

What is really meant by the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is certainly not synonymous with what we are used to eating today: refined flours used in pasta, bread and cakes. Some wholemeal flours, because unfortunately very often under the heading “wholemeal” are hidden white flours with the addition of bran and not flours made from whole grains.

The healthy Mediterranean diet of today is not about pasta, bread and white flour pizza. The YES foods of the Mediterranean diet are foods rich in vitamins, good proteins, lipids suitable for our body.

Healthy restaurant in Milan with menus based on the Mediterranean diet.

What are we talking of? The Mediterranean diet promoted by UNESCO refers to a wide use of vegetables. Leaf vegetables, roots and – less frequently – starchy vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkins are excellent.

The Mediterranean diet has a wide consumption of legumes: chickpeas, beans, peas, broad beans … in the form of soups, smoothies, creams, as condiments for our beloved pasta, in combination with rice and cereals of all kinds.

Pasta? Yes, pasta is certainly part of the Mediterranean diet, but pasta made with organic flours not refined. The diet of our grandparents did not include refined white flour pasta, perhaps whitened with chemicals to make it more candid at lunch and dinner.
There are two factors to underline: frequency and quality.

Pasta is an excellent food to be served, possibly dressed with excellent vegetables and sauces. The flour must be wholemeal comimg from whole cereals, whole, not refined. The cereals must have maintained all their parts. The use of gluten should be limited, so the rice should be given the go-ahead. Rice in a thousand flavours, and here I am sure that our Chef has a lot to talk about. At BioRice, rice is the king of every menu. Over 100 types of risottos are served throughout the year.

Discover our menu with over 90% organic ingredients.

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