Gluten-Free Restaurant in Milan? You are right in the way! Accredited by Associazione Italiana Celiachia AIC

Gluten-Free Restaurant in Milan? Are you looking for some delicious gluten-free food in Milan to get your energy on? Do  You have celiac disease ?

You are right in the way!

An Organic Gluten-Free Restaurant in Milan and Tips for eating with celiac disease in our city.

We agree with you: despite a desire to taste a lasagna and find the best Risotto alla Milanese in the city is a big reason for going eating out, once you figured out how expensive some restaurants in the very city center can be,you quickly had to redraft your bubbles. So it turns out that you start enter in some big store looking for gluten free processed food rich in genetically- modified ingredient. And you are really disappointed, because, you know, how different are the tasty Italian recipes.

Our Organic Gluten-Free Restaurant in Milan and organic ingredients.

Was your last holiday in Milan mostly spent eating gluten free certified products bought in a store? Spending your time looking for the best deal in supermarkets?

Stop worrying, and have a look in our organic menù including over 40 gluten free recipes “certified” for those with gluten disease. And the We are a few metro stops from the Duomo.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer an organic and gluten free dining experience to our coeliac guests that also includes vegetarian and vegan options. Organic

Chef Edo studied a delicious selection of Gluten Free starters, gluten free Risotto, steaks and tempting desserts dishes all accredited by Associazione Italiana Celiachia AIC.

Our Organic Gluten Free Menu is credited by the AIC and offer a fabulous range of organic recipes.

The AIC Gluten Free Organic Menu is available all day except on Saturday.

Curious to know some delicacies of our organic and gluten free menu? Read some of Chef’s Oganic rafined recipes, and Remember, Vegan option are on request!

Saffron in pistils from Byodinamics agricolture Risotto, Organic Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese 24 months, Grilled or steamed organic vegetables, Tagliatelle pasta with organic Porcini Mushrooms, Spaghetti pasta with concassè of tomatoes, Sliced of “Picanha” Beef with 3 salts
(pink from Himalaya, blue from Persia, red from Hawaii), Classic Tiramisù, Green Matcha tea Tiramisù…

Please note that the menu changes seasonally, check the menu for this season.

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