Flexitarian Restaurant in Milan

Flexitarian Restaurant in Milan, what exactly does flexitarianism mean?

Flexitarian Restaurant in Milan, why choose them?
We must change the way we eat, by 2050 food output will exceed global borders. This is in line with Nature – one of the most highly cited scientific journals in the world – which in October published a study in which it is said that the rise in fatty, sugary and meaty diet risks destabilising the entire world ecosystem.There is still a chance. The report also says that we do not have to take any radical action to make a significant contribution: when visiting Milan flexitarian Restaurant can be a good compromise.

What exactly does flexitarianism mean? What does EcoHotel La Residenza do to meet this need?
And what do Milan restaurants do to offer Nature a major share of the protagonism?

Does EcoHotel La Residenza feature a Flexitarian restaurant in Milan?

Flexitarian diners follow a mainly vegetable diet with the occasional addition of animal proteins.

There are no fixed conditions – some flexibilities eat meat only a few days a month, while others eat it more frequently – but all animal products that are eaten must be of environmentally friendly and ethical quality. The concept is to switch to quality instead of quantity.

Flexitarian Restaurant in Milan and Specialised menus at the EcoHotel La Residenza – BioRiso Restaurant

BioRiso Flexitarian Restaurant in Milan offers a feast for the eyes: the menù its dividend in gluten free organic menù and organic menù with easily readable icons that explain which dish is vegetarian, which is vegan.

These icons allow you at a glance to choose whether to eat less meat and animal protein during your stay at EcoHotel La Residenza.
Milanese food is famous for its rice-based cuisine, particularly loved by people who try to avoid gluten and travellers who want to eat as the locals.

If you prefer to eat meat you can choose from our selection, if you like not to eat animal protein you can choose between vegetarian and vegan recipes.
BioRiso offers a Flexitarian-inspired menu that boasts “some excellent organic recipes for everyone”. Dishes include vegan alternatives to meat – gluten-free pasta as an alternative to classic Italian pasta for celiac sufferers – as well as Milanese risotto or some organic free lactose recipes.

We serve more than 100 different risottos throughout the year, organic, colourful, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or omnivorous.

To learn more about our flexitarian menu click here.



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