Environmentally friendly hotel in Milan, our love for the planet starts with pasta.

Our environmentally friendly hotel in Milan, just 15 minutes by metro from the Duomo, is well known for its many actions dedicated to lowering its ecological impact. The in-house organic restaurant BioRiso does a great job in the food field. Over 90% of the ingredients come from organic and biodynamic farming. However this is not enough.

We carefully read the labels of our suppliers to know all the ingredients, but even the labels are not enough. We inform ourselves and read relevant studies. Understand the latest trends and see where the scientists wants to bring our attention. An example? Pasta.

Of course you will have come to Milan, Italy to enjoy the best quality pasta as possible. Unfortunately, with industrialisation, it is not so obvious to be able to eat the best pasta course even in Italy.

Environmentally friendly hotel in Milan and its organic restaurant love real food.

BioRiso is a great place to eat, with the world’s best pasta and sauces We guarantee it!. Our organic restaurant offers it: organic and obviously glyphosate free. You’re celiac? no problem, we also have gluten free pasta.

There was an important investigation into Pasta quality. If you read the origin of the wheat on the label, it does not guarantee the absence of glyphosate (a potentially carcinogenic herbicide).

Glyphosate is also found in pastes that are declared to be made with wheat of exclusive Italian origin, it is the presence of glyphosate that makes us doubt the reality of what is declared on the label. Sigfrido Ranucci and the Report team, in one of their inquiries, had six brands of pasta analysed. The brands are the best-selling in Italy. Glyphosate was found in all brands. It should be specified that the legal limit has been respected, but this is not enough for our well being.

The limit laid down in the legislation does not take into account the sum of all the harmful substances ingested daily. The observation that the leading Italian pasta brands have respected the legal limit may seem like good information.

The presence of glyphosate tends to be excluded in the grains of the Italian territory where it cannot be used in the moments before harvesting. Therefore, even if it is found in pasta that declares 100% origin of Italian wheat, analysts have clear doubts about the real origin of the pasta.

The analyses of Report (well-known Italian television broadcast) show that the glyphosate limit is below the legal limits (presence limits in wheat mg/kg). Barilla, Garofalo, Divella, Rummo, Molisana, De Cecco contain values well below the maximum allowed by law. It is stated that the risk for humans is if it exceeds the daily limits of o.5 mg per kg of body weight. We never evaluate the mix and interference between harmful substances present in all the food we eat/breathe/spray on our skin.

The use of glyphosate has increased steadily, scientific research increasingly confirms the dangerousness of the substance even when taken at low doses. According to the Research Institute, there is no minimum dose that does not pose a risk to our health. Reading this article raises a legitimate question:

“Which pasta should we eat? The answer leads us back to pasta produced with ingredients from organic and biodynamic agriculture. Many of the organic pastas analysed are glyphosate free, including those we serve to our guests, according to our environmental sustainability approach.

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