The bike is the ecologic transport means par excellence. Practical for those who travel in the city, Milan offers the bike lovers approximately 144 kilometers of cycle routes and paths.

The Bike Sharing service allows you to rent bikes through a daily or weekly subscription, that you can buy at any Atm Point of Duomo, Cadorna, Loreto, Centrale, Garibaldi and Romolo or on the Internet.

See the map of stations where you can take bikes on the internet website (renting electrical bikes is allowed from 16 years of age).

For a random subscription to BikeMi (either weekly or daily):

  • via the internet website BikeMi – clicking on “Random subscriptions”
  • At any of the following ATM Point (from Monday to Saturday, from 07.45 to 19.15) at the railway stations:
    Duomo (M1-M3)
    Cadorna (M1-M2)
    Loreto (M1-M2)
    Romolo (M2)
    Centrale FS (M2-M3)
    Garibaldi FS (M2)
  • Call the ATM toll-free number 800 808181 available every day from 7.00 to 24.00.
  • via web directly from your mobile phone at the address, in the area dedicated to service subscription.

You will receive at your registered email address, a user code and password. Go to any BikeMi station, and type the code directly on the service column, then press the button “Conv” at every entry.

Once you have entered all your data, the column display of the station will provide you the pick-up number, where you can pick up your bike. (The random subscription validity will start from the moment you receive your codes.)

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