EcoHotel La Residenza in Milan and Organic Restaurant BioRiso join the #GrandeSfidaFairtrade Fairtrade Italia.

The Organic Restaurant BioRiso and EcoHotel La Residenza Hotel Eco-certified by EcoWorldHotel also join the #GrandeSfidaFairtrade Fairtrade Italia.

To celebrate Fair Trade Day we’ll be waiting for you on May 10, 2019. We will offer you an organic breakfast on 10 May: a BioCaffé or BioCappuccino and a croissant.

We take part in the initiative by organizing an event that aims to be a way to raise people’ and consumers’ awareness of the importance of paying fairly for raw materials such as coffee, cocoa, fresh fruit, tea and sugar produced by those who cultivate them with commitment in developing countries.

This is the fourth edition of the campaign to raise consciousness of the impact that daily choices generate in production, purchasing and consumption for consumers, businesses and institutions. Last year, it was also supported by a hundred private events, created by families, organizations and associations involved in social and cultural spheres.

EcoHotel La Residenza in Milan and Organic Restaurant BioRiso are glad to explaine what Fairtrade is.

The Fairtrade certification system was created to reduce the injustices of international trade through the introduction of fairer exchange practices towards farmers and workers in developing countries.

Through a rigorous system of Standards, it regulates trade relations between companies and farmers’ and workers’ organizations, so that the latter are guaranteed the payment of a minimum price, the Fairtrade Minimum Price, to cover the average costs of sustainable production, and an additional profit margin, the Fairtrade Award, for the implementation of social, environmental or production increase projects. The circuit represents 1.6 million farmers in 75 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America who grow coffee, sugar, bananas, cocoa pineapples, work on banana plantations, tea, flowers and much more. More than 30,000 finished products are on sale on the shelves of shops and supermarkets in more than 150 countries worldwide. Fairtrade International is the lead organization in the network. For more information:

Fairtrade Italia has been the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark in our country since 1994. It works in partnership with companies by sub-licensing the FAIRTRADE Mark to guarantee control of the supply chains of products from developing countries, in compliance with the criteria of third parties that the certification body ensures. It supports companies in the procurement of certified raw materials and in the consolidation of the supply chains according to the specific requests of its partners. Currently, more than 750 Fairtrade products are on sale in Italy and the value of the products sold is 130 million euros. For more information:

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