EcoHotel La Residenza embraces the battle against below cost price food.

EcoHotel La Residenza embraces the battle against below cost price food.

Have you ever thought about who pays the real price of food sold below cost?

No entrepreneur, no producer would agree to produce and distribute food below cost for long periods. Selling food below cost means selling at a lower price than the costs incurred for its production.

Have you ever wondered who pays the difference between the selling price and production cost?

We have asked ourselves this question. To find a truthful response we have started a constructive comparison with our suppliers of organic and biodynamic products.

In times of economic crisis, the below-cost has a strong grip on consumers. The discounters are well aware of this, and under cost has always been their mainstay. Not only the discounters, but the whole mass retailer aims at below cost, printing thousands of flyers and distributing them all over the city, including the suburbs.

Are you sure you’re not paying the price of the below cost? EcoHotel La Residenza helps you answer.

The word below cost is real. As we have seen many producers are forced to sell food ingredients at a lower price than the cost of production. Who pays the tangible difference?

We run to the supermarket and with a sparkling smile on our lips we buy the famous Italian tomato, maybe organic, at a very low price. What about extra virgin olive oil? Italian excellence also sold at derisory prices.

Big retailers are steadily working to lower the price of food as much as possible. The farmers are the first to pay the price. The small producers who generally create the best ingredients pay the highest price, often leading the closure of the company.

Larger producers will make those who work the land pay the difference between price and cost. The result is everyone’s dissatisfaction, yes everyone’s dissatisfaction, even yours that you paid for the food below cost.

To recover the difference in value between the selling price and the real cost, producers have to decrease the quality of the raw materials. Here you pay for it. First of all, the price you pay is your health. The low quality of food products increases the use of synthetic substances, colorants, preservatives. You eat harmful substances that will make you buy medicines in the short or long term.

This, in our opinion, is the highest price you pay at EcoHotel La Residenza, but it is not the only one. Food the closure of small companies, protagonists of Italian excellence. By closing small farms, the best and healthiest food disappear from our tables. This diminishes the importance of Made in Italy products and with it the economic value of our State.

You contribute to the pollution of the Earth and water resources favoured by intensive agriculture with a rich use of chemical substances. By buying food below cost you are contributing to the system of corporates, of exploitation of human resources, you are taking work away from the new generations.

EcoHotel La Residenza has never purchased ingredients below cost.

The Large Distribution has often put in place the double down auction to ensure the most advantageous prices. You’re wondering what that is?

You make an initial auction among suppliers where the lowest price for a particular food is set. This price becomes the starting point for the second auction. The supplier that will guarantee the lowest price wins the supply to the large-scale retail trade.

A law at the end of June 2019 banned this practice. Double-low auctions in the purchase of food products have been banned. For this we must thank the Associations, the small producers, the organic food shops that have fought to create a fair food market.

BioRiso is against undercosting and labour exploitation.

The Rights Observatory – an independent online newspaper specializing in investigations, analysis and insights on human rights – tells in a survey the dramatic data of the Caporalato in agriculture in Italy. There are 430 thousand irregular workers.

The rights of many people who work to make us eat vegetables and fruit are violated.
Precarious work for a few euros a day.

What can you do concretely every day?

As our restaurant has done, you too, in your daily life you can change things.
Our greatest power is the possibility to make conscious purchases.

What can you actually do in concrete terms each and every day?
As our restaurant has done, you too, in your everyday life you can change things.
Our greatest power is the ability to make conscious purchases.

Choose to eat food that tastes GOOD.

Choose certified organic products. Organic products can have a higher price, this is because workers are paid fairly, no synthetic substances are used, the organic company does not make monocultures.

We have chosen to offer over 90% of ingredients from organic and biodynamic farming. As an example we want to mention a special extra virgin olive oil: that of Azienda Agricola Desiderio Maurizio & Francesco.

This oil is the result of a controlled extraction. The extraction takes place within 24 hours after the olives have been picked. Yes, you read right! You also look at the time between harvesting and extraction. We are in fact talking about an oil that in addition to being organic is biodynamic. The Azienda Agricola Desiderio Maurizio & Francesco grows organically about 80 hectares of land for fruit and olive groves.


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