Eat healthy in Milan, BioRiso the organic restaurant that avoid common kitchen salt

Eat healthy in Milan, at the EcoHotel La Residenza we also choose the richest grains of salt in oligoelements and as far away as possible from the contamination of the micriplastics.

Salt is defined as dangerous to health, but it’s so harder to give it up. You know why it’s so hard to give up salt? Because salt is essential to your body, salt is just as vital as water.
Real salt contains essential oligoelements and minerals for your health.

Elements that you cannot do without because they are an integral part of your body. Renouncing salt is not the best answer if you want to keep yourself healthy. Eating well in Milan means choosing an organic restaurant that pays attention to every detail. BioRiso offers menus with over 90% organic ingredients. Avoid fatty ingredients, always alternatives in case of food intolerances and …. also assess the type of salt to put at the table. We must not give up the good salt.

Do these statements seem absurd to you? Our Chef teaches us: salt only hurts if it is chemically treated and deprived of all its trace elements.

Eat healthy in Milan means knowing the reality of salt.

Our body needs salt, without salt there would be no life. Today, the opposite information is widespread: it avoids salt. This statement is true if we use common kitchen salt. salt hurts because the salt present in most kitchens has been deprived of all the trace elements essential to our health. Cooking salt is nothing more than sodium chloride.

The industrial production of table salt has completely distorted the salt, removing all the elements of minerals precious to our body. the common table salt has been chemically treated and transformed into something very similar to the simple sodium chloride becoming harmful to our body. the element of life, salt has been transformed into poison.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that, despite the much salt consumed, most people have salt deficiencies?

This is because table salt lacks the low-mineral elements that are naturally contained in non industrially treated salt. Statistical studies show that Europeans eat about 20 grams of salt every day, while our body can tolerate less than half of it, but your body is deficient in salt because the salt has been deprived of its precious trace elements, and our body recognizes table salt as a harmful substance because its industrialization has transformed it into sodium chloride.
The body tries to make the intake of table salt harmless by isolating and neutralizing it with water molecules.

That’s why our cells are deprived of water – a vital element for us – to limit the damage caused by the intake of common table salt. now free of trace elements you are forced to take supplements of mineral salts, and to give up the good taste of salt in your recipes. Yet there is an alternative: use natural salt complete with all its trace elements.

Eat healthy in Milan: taste recipes with organic food and salt rich in trace minerals.

Fortunately, our planet is still rich in good salt, science has recognized Himalayan crystalline salt as suitable for our bodies. Biophysicist Peter Ferreira has carried out a very important research on the beneficial effects of crystalline salt, studying in particular its interaction with water.

The debate is open to the number of trace elements present in Himalayan salt, some say that it contains 84 trace elements, others ridicule it completely.

The truth is that it would be necessary to analyze each plant to understand the amount of trace elements present. Regardless of the understanding of the exact number of trace elements present in each salt field (the analysis is too expensive to be done on each field), what biophysics attests is that Himalayan salt has a very low percentage of sodium chloride. It contains all the most important elements for the body.

Relying on the best suppliers, it is possible to buy real Himalayan pink salt, which has not undergone any bleaching treatment. Combining Himalayan salt with a balanced diet, drinking water and eliminating poisonous table salt brings considerable benefits to your body.

Enjoy your stay with us and eat healthy in Milan!

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